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How fast is 4G LTE? DoCoMo teach you three seconds fried prawns

"There are six ingredients prawns," Asuka has just introduced a young hostess was Aunt interrupted, "So began." Aunt let Asuka put on goggles, then egg yolks, flour, shrimp and other ingredients into a variety of transmitters, "the rest of the touch of a button." When the same audience and Asuka is unknown, the energy coming up ...... and exploding with a loud scream Asuka, fried prawn better. Did not see? Here is the slow-motion playback ...... rock music, the prawns wrapped in high-speed flight in the eggs, flour, complete heating, final accurate intraday fall, get! Aunt did not forget to ask: "delicious, right?" Imitated food program actually columns of the ingredients list, in addition to those strange red part of the machine, as well as LTE line. "DoCoMo FULL LTE coverage expanding" ...... 
"Tomorrow, I will introduce the three seconds dumplings" ...... ......

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