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Why it's difficult for advertising company to recruit people in China


well-known advertising companies downtown shortage of people the past two years. 

Shortage to what extent? Shortage to the industry as long as I know HR, director, boss, or buttoned to see me first thing is to ask, is there a person; shortage to a readership 1w + advertisement, attracted only a handful of 5 resumes ; shortage to you want to find art director, beg someone finally took two months to determine a next Monday to entry, and so most of the day Monday, but no one result. You call to ask, people say I'm sorry, I decided not to come. 

A little bit deeper qualified veterans should know that a few years ago before the project can be good. You want to find a copywriter, hiring a resume out of the snow like to fly in your mailbox in a bad mood, a lot of HR random half resume direct throw trash, why did not they have a bad luck yet. 

The rest you can slowly pick, pick qualifications, seniority pick, pick the project experience, pick looks ...... then slow leisurely slow leisurely one by one to call. Early in the day of the interview room was packed, written two faces rounds down the side, and finally there are a few particularly satisfied, okay, go back two weeks and so on. 

So the question is, who are they gone?