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cic launches information graph about social media

Social media in China is developing rapidly, and in 2012, the rise of emerging social enterprise social networking, social commerce, pictures social media platform, the emergence of mobile social change the pattern of traditional social networks, become a force to be reckoned force.Summary of the development of Chinese social media in the past year, CIC Chinese social media landscape 2013 officially launched.
2013 pattern map, divided in categories still continues the 2012 pattern ideas, China's social media platform is divided into "core network", "value-added derivative network" basis function network "and" emerging / fine sub-network "four major categories. This classification is mainly based on the functional dependency between the social media platform of the forms of maturity and platforms.

In the platform-specific categories, the most significant change is supposed to belong to the "emerging / network segment" mobile social networking to the categories of "core network"; addition, the new social search, photo sharing and social TV and other categories.
Basis function network
The basic function network "mainly refers to the basic functions supported platform for other platform or Internet users living. Pattern diagram in 2013, in addition to the existing types of platforms (Online Q & A Online Encyclopedia, blogs and blog aggregation, document sharing), the sign location-based services (LBS) re-divided by the value-added derivative Network this categories. After the rapid evolution in the past few years, the sign location services have been generally used in a mobile terminal such as microblogging, social networking sites, consumer reviews, and social media, becoming a kind of "infrastructure".
Core network
"Core network" mainly refers to the relatively independent, maturity, occupied the platform of the Internet users a great deal of time, such as microblogging, social networking sites, video sites, mobile social networking. The "core network" is the main battlefield of brand marketing are concerned about.
Studying the similarities and differences between types of the popular core network platform, CIC obvious differences of the characteristics of the different sites. Video site long user access and user coverage compared microblogging and social networking sites dominate; the microblogging platform compared to other platforms, the advantage is that the higher frequency of visits. Attributes from the user point of view, Tencent microblogging users ages Renren closer, Sina microblogging users ages is relatively high.
Companies and brands in the understanding of the social media landscape view at the same time, also need to learn more about and learn from the most popular platform features and differences, and find suitable for their own enterprises and brand marketing platform.
It is worth noting that originally belonged to the "emerging / network segments mobile social networking to the categories of" core network ". In 2012, mobile social applications ushered in a large outbreak, micro-channel, for example, its number of users in January 2013 to reach 300 million. The user gathering new marketing opportunities. Many companies have begun to try to interact with the mobile social platform and consumers, new case after another, such as China Southern Airlines passengers through the micro letter value CMB user can query through the micro-letter credit card information. I believe that in 2013, mobile social marketing will assume even greater importance in the brand's marketing mix.
Value-added derivative Network
"Value-added derivative network" refers to relying on the core network and other networks, some relatively new platform. In 2012, the development of social e-commerce amazing.Beautiful as the representatives of the social e-commerce and mushrooms Street, already has a significant user base, they also opened the mobile terminal APP with other mobile social cooperation, improve the user experience, such as the beautiful said cooperation with the micro-letter, the user can micro-letter platform to link directly to the beautiful, or directly through the beautiful Share to micro-letter Friends / micro-letter friends / Tencent microblogging website.
Some of the conventional electricity supplier sites have begun to import SNS elements, such as Taobao launched its SNS platform - coercive rabbit community. In the category of "value-added derivative network, in addition to the original social e-commerce, social aggregation, social game, and added a class of emerging platforms, social search. Social search based social media platform, social relations, traditional search joined elements of the social development of search behavior through keyword searches and complex social relationships, become rich as a means of socializing.
Emerging / network segments
"Emerging / network segments is relatively independent, more for specific populations or pattern emerging platform. In this category, the two types of platforms. A class a mobile end visual based social photo sharing; the other is social TV. Picture the rise of social undoubtedly drive up the fast growth of foreign Instagram. Important platform for domestic thumbtack (transition from) LBS applications as well as more innovative "visual + auditory social popping.
Social TV has also become a new class of vertical social platform. In China, social TV is divided into two, one is based on derivatives of other social media platforms such as Sina microblogging platform social TV - micro Television; another is based on the television content and form of a discussion circle, such as the Phoenix New Media launched social TV App-Westone, but this is the substance of the two types of television content + Live exchanges.In addition, we note that business networking also extends a class of small branches, namely social recruitment, for example, is quite popular street network in the campus recruitment.
Different due to different national conditions and user characteristics, social media and social media abroad. 2013, China's social media or sustained, rapid development, the media platform gradually become mobile, commercialization, platform, innovation, visual / auditory, private and trends. Chinese social media landscape, showing the joint efforts of many developers and researchers increasingly rich attitude.

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