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European tourism to drive high-end consumer, please alert fake

European tourism to drive high-end consumer, please alert fake  

In recent years, will travel to Europe on holiday more and more Chinese tourists, according to Sina news reports, Miss Gao spent 30 million to buy five bags, and after returning to the inspection counter that actually have four just false, another explosion It took out a clear sweep goods 700,000 in Europe, and finally found the three bags 400000 A cargo. Please rushed Europe is preparing to sweep away the luxury of people Please note the time of purchase, please be sure to go to the flagship store or counter purchase at discount stores is a certain risk.

 To some extent, contributed to the popularity of European tourism A cargo trading, but some unscrupulous domestic tours, deliberate collusion with fake businesses. Therefore selected a high-quality high-end travel agency is very important. High-end tourism is also popular in recent years as a way to travel, you do not need to follow the package tours to go travel, you can personally develop their own itinerary and specifications, to be completely impartial.


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