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The story of the little monkey

One little monkeys belly belly was gashed the tree a lot of blood

It saw a monkey friend opens the wound hurts said you see my wound

Every monkey see it wound comfort it sympathy it tell it to different treatments

It will continue to look at the wound to continue listening to her friends

Infection it later died an old monkey said it is hurt themselves and die

Yes if it wrapped belly belly hurt from the start not to give others see the wound

The wound will heal slowly there will be no story later

In fact, in the eyes of my friends is sympathize with you, after all they give you some comfort to some advice

Is there really no but real help

But in the eyes of a stranger who let you tore heart crack lung's story but a scene is to give them free

Pain said once, review time will only more impressive more love more unforgettable

Why? Why

A life but for decades

Heard someone say happy things will be very happy

And tell sad stories to let the listener sadness together

Why? Why

From now on to pick up those we lost the good life is have suantiankula only then to be perfect to be a happy person

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