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2014 advertisers should pay attention to the ten words

As the Chinese Lunar New Year approaching, the public business already gearing up to meet the new round of marketing competition. At this moment of transition from the old, we make some inventory, summing up the past, but also prospects the new year. The following is a trend I have summed up the 2014 ten marketers should be concerned, we hope to inspire.

  1, chief marketing officer of new standards:

In recent years, with the popularity among digital marketing, IT technology and marketing contact more closely. Marketers should know more about the new era of technology and know how to talk to their colleagues get along with IT technical cooperation. In the new year, chief marketing officer to clearly understand the role of chief technology officer, becomes more important than ever.

  2, the multi-channel era:

  New year, if you have not started, you need to work out with the team as soon as possible marketing strategy and multi-channel. This process is coming into view from the e-mail marketing, we find that those who successfully create cross-channel brand new things are often the forerunner. Today's consumers every day through a variety of channels and touch points to understand your brand, not because there is no corresponding strategy missed the interaction and transformation of these sales opportunities.


Happy New Year. 2014


Morning sunlight falls on his face, the movie screen is very very cold scene, standing on the balcony you can see very far. If it is not on the calendar prompt will want to come today, and as usual, calm. 

Some will lament this time of year, said a good thing to do early, there are always a few pieces will be very consciously did not finish, so leave the ending moment of regret. Think early, inadvertently set off a network of small carnival, explosive moment to marvel at the side of social media, social media side of horror in the hubbub of powerlessness.