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Valentine Marketing: open electricity supplier timeliness of a new model of interactive marketing festival

Valentine Marketing: open electricity supplier timeliness of a new model of interactive marketing festival

February 14 this year, Chinese and Western Valentine's Day, as the business of "Wulin Sheng will," many of the unique marketing Dafa staged. In addition to traditional marketing tactics, the timeliness of social media by means of interactive marketing allows us to see the topic of innovation and practice shines. Where Yi Xun Network "coup combination, the game" punch combinations marketing routines can be said for this special Valentine left a heavy sum. Within 48 hours more than 20 million people in the reading, Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ space micro-channel and accumulated more than 21 million people participate in an interactive, fast and easy release of the official microblogging marketing topics Valentine achieve Weibo 24 hours hot topic list of the top 20 name, creative topic list 3 minutes ago, but also caused a topic of speculation under follow-up reports, including Shenzhen Jing Bao, Shenzhen Financial Life Channel TV, Hebei TV and many other offline media, events, video hits over 3 million times, the spread of micro-channel covering 11.92 million passengers, a three-dimensional integrated interactive marketing, stand out in the Valentine's Day marketing battle. Let us analyze the network fast and easy Valentine's Day punch combination moves:

First punch: Pegasus Meteor Fist - female white-collar workers send microblogging, microblogging Reds follow up, easy to grab fast Moderator

February 8, the second day of work after the holiday, Guangzhou, female white-collar workers in a @ R_ebekah microblogging notepad way tucao return home during the Spring Festival, and gossip to the parents of five days turns forced encounter, End of the story is a female white-collar stand Zhefan offensive, had an excuse to advance the company returned to Guangzhou to work overtime.  

The first two days that on February 9, the female white-collar workers continue to send the article "Now a man beg Raiders" microblogging, microblogging screenshot sun circle of friends can see she tucao forced encounter, friends who have helped her advice I hope she soon a man. After the female white-collar microblogging issued, although the crowd did not cause most people, but it caused a large @ HAPPY Zhangjiang active on the microblogging attention. At 9:00 on February 10 less, @ HAPPY Zhangjiang female white-collar tucao according to which the creation of a micro-blog "once a man # 2014" satin and @ this female white-collar workers, and soon spread microblogging this entry a, which is less than one hour microblogging has become popular Weibo microblogging, ranked CCTV hot news before popular Weibo standings four.
Meanwhile, some other famous microblogging queen began to follow up on this microblogging, there are now a variety of men based on # 2014 # topic in the microblogging circle caused fermentation, heat continued to rise, the various scripts began to emerge. 
Easy fast network brand marketing teams to quickly capture this topic, and a premonition of this topic will continue to rise, so take advantage of fast and easy to grab a quick official blog # 2014 # topic Moderator men there immediately. Yi Xun Network Why do you want to grab this topic, the story had to live from one end of December 2013, packed to the story of courtship.
December 28, 2013, Yi Xun Network received a special order consultation. A Shenzhen users want tomorrow to be able to pack their own girlfriend, engaged in a memorable marriage proposal, out of consideration for the execution easy fast network service concept and testing fast and easy net operating divisions, easy fast network to respond quickly to this user needs, and within 12 hours to complete the easy fast Angels rehearsal, logistics and preparation of a series of meticulous work, at December 29, 2013 to achieve a perfect evening packed themselves into the user's window on the world of work carried out in a girlfriend show the desire to marry, and the user's consent were full video. Quick and easy to make this process fast network into a beautiful video, and with the consent of the parties agree released. Yi Xun Network Marketing Team figuring 2014 show how to combine real video launched this round of brand marketing during Valentine's Day.

February 10, Valentine's Day in the West before the collusion of various topics of love avalanche has begun, fast and easy net brand marketing team pay close attention to social media, "timeliness, interactive" character, hoping to find an appropriate topic to cut marketing, from implanted easy fast network "Lightning send" brand communication points, so there was this trick to grab more topics moderator.

The second punch, cut through the autumn boxing star - topic PK, girlfriends hair Bo, a hot topic of heat to raise the event ......

After looting the topic moderator, fast and easy implantation followed the official blog topic PK activity, and then combine Feb. 10 day "event in Dongguan," "Spring Festival Tucao", "called the beast" and other popular events for secondary UGC creation, continued to push men # 2014 # topic have heat immediately realized the first round of strong brand exposure.

By pushing up the heat, so # 2014 # topic immediately became a man Sina hot topic, and use quick and easy fast network moderator privileges to initiate fast and easy net Valentine activity, while the live video content packaged marry top, causing netizens topic Continue onlookers and dissemination:

Easy to use fast network official website topic Moderator activities recommended within 24 hours more than 50,000 people to participate.
Just this time, the live video packaged marry actress girlfriends also made this video microblogging and blessings girlfriends, the official website of easy fast forwarding this microblogging quickly and easily fast network implanted in microblogging " sent three times a day, the mission will be to "send a lightning idea. This fast and easy Angels "Lightning Love Song" microblogging, within six hours on more than 30 million people in the amount of reading.This same micro-channel from the media also joined the array of marketing, many large publication of this micro-channel video-related news, the number of fans covering about 10,920,000.
video url

Third Fist: Tiger Crane double fist - flush the line to grab the explosion of online media, the effect pushed higher

Based on the formation of hot spots on the microblogging easy fast rapidly integrate resources, increase the intensity smitten synchronization initiate interactive communication activities in the micro-channel fast and easy to QQ space - "to help boudoir headlines on honey, good man immediately come" nearly 30 million people within 24 hours of reading, and nearly 2 million people participate in interactive activities.
                                                          Yi Xun official micro-channel

Yi Xun Network official certification QQ space
Multi-burst of publicity momentum attracted media attention, this time, the print media and television media with the topic of packing heat traced to marry live events, Shenzhen Jing Bao, Hebei TV, Shenzhen TV Financial Life Channel evening prime time flagship program " economic life story "broadcast and other media have been largely reported. With events spread pushed up the real package marry this video hits during the Valentine's Day traffic reached more than 300 million.

 Shenzhen Jing Bao reported in newspapers and micro-channel synchronous
Shenzhen Metro Video

Hebei TV coverage
Meanwhile, the official blog fast and easy with the "Beijing love story" staged on the official blog were implanted in the content publishing, led more than 1,200 people forward. Combination of attack more than three Kata Road, # 2014 to # and immediately a man to marry a real event packed with "love" theme string up, with high heat, fast and easy network set up quickly store, the topic of event marketing related to sales, to achieve a complete closed-loop, the perfect ending. 
 Yi Xun official blog with the "Beijing love story" propaganda
Easy and fast network quickly established store sales events related topics
 The combination of the hot topics of love contemporary society has been able to spread the brand to achieve such a warm response, mainly due to easy fast social media branding team "interactive" has a profound understanding of the routine use of innovative marketing model, a full range of resource mobilization, strike combination attack Valentine's Day, so both online and offline promotion fans get through interaction through social media platforms; simultaneously based on user behavior on the mobile Internet (the pursuit of simple and quick access to information) to analyze, execute "timeliness interaction" strategy, emphasizing hotspots capture and rapid response capability, coupled with the "love" of this timeless topic, users can not only resonate caused them to actively participate in interactive, which with easy to Motion Network "Lightning Song" brand concept has a relatively good fit, let Yi Xun Network "lightning fast" character has been fully reflected in the dissemination.
Brand: Yi Xun
Project: Easy Valentine's Day fast network marketing

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