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"Youth can not be bullied" How detonated Chinese social networks within 48 hours

November 29th and 30th, two days in the Chinese social network most red is a "19-year-old boy" and his hot-air balloon. November 29, a so-called "New Youth Art Team" of micro-channel public number NIKOEDWARDS published an article entitled "Youth can not be bullied," the article. The text of the actor called Niko, is a "19-year-old ordinary teenager," he and his team at September 8 daily balloon will send aerial camera and GPS, and successfully captured the earth look. Niko then use text, screenshots and sound recordings and other means, and we explained the Internet company Youku producer is a step by step how to "guide" Niko Share shooting method, and a suit with the same idea in a street in the street commercial advertising films and gives Tencent video on the video link. He also specifically pointed out that they are "Asia's first shot of the Earth student." Niko said street street video camera to learn the use of balloons hanging, and even photographs of the Earth's method is described in a number of team members are completely copied at the time to share your own thoughts, and copy their pictures taken with the Earth in the video. End of the paper, Niko was very angry and said:. "If a juvenile age, and because there is such a rugged existence of any plagiarism, who would dare to creation, who would dare to go to create for this era, to play" in this article The next day (November 30) 11:09 isNIKOEDWARDS from micro-channel public platform also forwarded to their own micro-blog. Microblogging platform more open compared to the micro-channel, anyone can see the article, in addition to the "big company plagiarism juvenile creative", "Youku" "unfamiliar street," and a series of keywords also make the article on social Suddenly platforms such as virus-like spread. 

The first wave:sometimes tend to identify with the original authors are the first group behind Niko. Articles issued within one hour, "Luo black Wars" and the youth of the authorMTJJ @ Zhanghao Chen were forwarded this microblogging, said he also had the experience of being copied.

The second wave:

Since these original authors themselves have hundreds of thousands of fans, the situation began to heat up after forwarding fermentation. Two hours later, the network Reds @ stay a few hands and Rage comic editor @ king Nima Youku have also joined the condemnation and unfamiliar street camp. For example:

Then there is the power of human flesh search habitual Internet users in China is great, and soon Niko mouth Youku producer Wang was dug up ......

Then things started moving in the direction of the development of one-sided diatribe:

Third Wave:

13:50 to two points, the event's two Internet companies Youku potatoes and unfamiliar street technology are beginning to realize the seriousness of the problem, were posted on the publicity.Unfamiliar street where the video has been removed from all video sites, and apologize. Youku potatoes:

@ Unfamiliar street technology:

The fourth wave:

Next is the wave of twists and turns, it taught us once again: Do not follow others sided curse on the network. After apologizing because the two companies, a number of smart and good memory out to the crowd, said, Niko is itself a copycat! Two in the afternoon, after the people who have dug out had seen "using a balloon shoot the Earth" case, a comparison of the results we found that the Earth really a lot of people taking pictures. For example, there are in Spain:

There are British:

There are 12-year-old little girl:

 There is also the same as 19-year-old boy and Niko's:
And Niko is clearly not what he says, "Asia for the first time", this is not, as well as in Japan:
Epilogue: reversal of public opinion

which makes the public had to "vulnerable" young sympathetic suddenly reversed, and before people turn to support Niko also accused him of plagiarism earlier ideas of others. A person close to the event to explain the circumstances surrounding the incident approximate.

Youku producer Wang Teng, said in an interview, did participate in this thing, but the specific responses out quickly by other companies. It is not difficult story reminiscent of a similar double during November this year: the designer Ji Cheng sued Alibaba staff feather dress T-shirt is the cottage of her designs. In the face of widespread public opinion "bullying" event will side with the weak, but many of them were last seen Ji Cheng feathers T-shirt is also "learn" other designer's style after the final selection of awkward silence . "Niko" mentioned in the text of a word, best explains their motivation:

But after this incident, this "juvenile can not be bullied," has been more than 100,000 micro amount of reading the letter, microblogging forward nearly 100 000, 130 000 comments - Looking at the results from this, Niko did not depend on. Although not the first, nor even claimed they pioneered Asia, Niko labor is worthy of respect. But the problem is that this should be by way of a negotiated settlement of the problem, eventually based on "Internet meme", many of them the way of personal attacks on the parties to solve the problem - it's certainly not a good model for the Internet public opinion. At 21:34 on November 30, Youku in the micro-Bo, vice president responsible for the matter to Niko phone text messaging, but have not been able to contact me.

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