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Why it's difficult for advertising company to recruit people in China


well-known advertising companies downtown shortage of people the past two years. 

Shortage to what extent? Shortage to the industry as long as I know HR, director, boss, or buttoned to see me first thing is to ask, is there a person; shortage to a readership 1w + advertisement, attracted only a handful of 5 resumes ; shortage to you want to find art director, beg someone finally took two months to determine a next Monday to entry, and so most of the day Monday, but no one result. You call to ask, people say I'm sorry, I decided not to come. 

A little bit deeper qualified veterans should know that a few years ago before the project can be good. You want to find a copywriter, hiring a resume out of the snow like to fly in your mailbox in a bad mood, a lot of HR random half resume direct throw trash, why did not they have a bad luck yet. 

The rest you can slowly pick, pick qualifications, seniority pick, pick the project experience, pick looks ...... then slow leisurely slow leisurely one by one to call. Early in the day of the interview room was packed, written two faces rounds down the side, and finally there are a few particularly satisfied, okay, go back two weeks and so on. 

So the question is, who are they gone? 


It is said that in recent years the development of a good home, fled north wide deep wave year higher than a year, most people have to go back to it; others say, this line too hard, old people's basic drained a career change, The new crop are 90, you do not come to eat the bitter. 

This is more or less true, but Why do not you ask why the same is in the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-IT companies, Internet companies, financial companies are less people how missing people? You alone why it is a lack of people doing advertising? 

In fact recap on the word, impetuous. 

What birds can come in this industry, as long as money, there are a few people really care about professional and standards? There are few people willing to take responsibility for the results you are doing this thing? Can return money thing is not on the list do not. He opened the company's impetuous, resources impetuous, impulsive also have the right to speak, the bottom line more low, more and more professional and cheap, this industry you expect to retain talent Gesha? 

So much, then, how are we going to retain people? Think about why you had a little advertising to understand.


To make money. So do not just know what with the young man who pulled ideals, career planning, people although little old you are, but not a fool. Anybody here who really do not care about the money get this treatment, early life experience to go abroad, but also wasted precious youth in their homes here with you blind force force?

I think that a tigers of the division, not only the common belief, more needs common interests. They come out to mix, who is not the parent of a child half to feed, so long as it is the ability to, you openly give enough treatment, as long as enough money to, I believe most people still will not let you down. 

Last year I saw a man know his own company out of recruitment, heading straight talk about money is not affectionate, people look more solid, naturally, leaving a shortfall of people heard him say them. Of course, those who do not send even a double-income end of the year, employee turnover and changing the law bosses withheld treatment, I can only Oh, this really pretty small circle, you point out the things that the world still does not know fear? 


For professional. 

Of course, to do the most professional, or in order to better make money, I think this is a dignified man, a down to eat by craft people are worthy of respect. 

There is no doubt that in this industry, specializing in good company must lower labor costs than the company's half-baked. Why, people want to learn something new, to join a couple of years time, will naturally not too much attention to treatment, and more willing to choose a professional company secure; a little bit of a senior and more willing to learn creative methods systematic and jobs process, a large platform is the first choice, not a lack of people to talk about salary natural space is relatively large. 

But the tragedy is that most of the hard or even ten years it took to do it they do not cherish the platform for the company for several years. They think fame is no shortage of loud people, so desperately pressure treatment, in small and medium sized companies can get 1W, and to them, I'm sorry, give you a good 7K. Use of its advantages due to lower labor costs I think I can understand, but greed is bound to suffer. So you will see, as soon as the end of the year, these companies are basically all leave. It became ah learn, or gold plated to ah, who his mother will you be bullied this nest? 

Perhaps you will say stay away chant, then trick is. Oh, the words are simple, you can know a lot of people lost not only bring more and more professional residue, missing items, are more likely to be the company's collapse. So blindly only know the company to make money, but did not earn a what money, and truly understand the importance of professional, professionals know the value of the company, eventually became the industry leader. 

For professional this child, those who are still to 3W block the project in one month to the rebate company, I just too lazy to say, and shame. 

For the ideal. 

Do professional people, it is because some people really ideal. They love this industry, or because you can hold a good treatment, to reach the larger world, do you want to do; or always believe that, from the works of their hands, not only to solve problems for customers, but also for the world. bring hope and good ...... 

For some people, it's just a few money can buy, and they just want to be in this industry. Why such a person alive? Dignity. Professional dignity, the dignity of personality. It also happens to be the crux of the problem in this industry. 

We all know that the industry lacks the threshold, as long as you have a project, one way or another copy art can open two dry, as the service charges Well, the club received 20W is right, we just 2W do it? 

If most of your business or come by the wine on the table, or come to the rebate, if your company is not every day talking about how to make the most of a good idea, but how to engage in interpersonal relationships, even if you are the most creative people basically we can not stick to the bottom line, how you can keep such people. But unfortunately, this phenomenon, but is most common in the industry, but the facts. 


Ma is not said, there are numerous reasons for departure of employees, only two of the most authentic: 1, money, did not give in place; 2, heart and pity. 

The final analysis on one: doing bad mood. Employees also think hard before leaving the grounds looking fly, it is to leave you face, do not want to put it bluntly, your management how bad he was disappointed in you. 

An nest eggs will survive if we do not go radically change thinking, to establish industry standards, to respect professional and personnel, due to hold the bottom line, then do not do it as early as possible, anyway, sooner or later have to disband. 

So everybody will ask why do not always tugging at this business such a lack of people, after all, for most companies, can time and wages are still a problem.
Author: Luo Maria

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