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the reasons to distrust a brand reach across the enterprise

The reasons to distrust a brand reach across the enterprise

Research shows that security, performance, marketing vulnerability affects consumer brand experience.

More than 90% of consumers said inaccurate web content will increase the brand's suspicion, especially when they are landing page is slow, or too simple verification process, they will not trust this network brand produce.

55% of consumers believe that the sudden emergence of advertising influence interfere with the normal reading of the Internet experience, as well as 52 percent of consumers do not like those who need time ad links to other websites.

Integrated cross-channel marketing is still a priority

The past two years, with the use of big data, popularity and a depth step by step, "cross-channel marketing" concept mentioned at the beginning, marketers are trying step by step, to break down technical barriers.

Nearly three-quarters of the cross-channel interactive marketing people think there is "significant" impact on the conversion rate, more than half of the respondents also said that the integration of cross-channel involved in a significant impact on improving retention and advocacy.

Although cross-channel marketing, marketing staff to a positive attitude, but in the network marketing projects, policies and programs are often the most time-consuming. Therefore, the current stage, planning is the first integrated cross-channel marketing needs to be done.

2015 Chinese mobile phone market research report APP

As of the second quarter of 2015, Chinese mobile phone users reached 657 million people, the size of a smart phone users to 601 million people. With the rapid rise of mobile devices, followed accompanied by APP showing explosive growth.

Data show that nearly 58.7 percent of Chinese mobile phone users to third-party mobile application store as the main application download channels, 22.3% of mobile phone users using pre-installed terminal manufacturers application store. Among them, the Android system-based Google Play app store, the number of applications over App Store, reached 1.43 million.

Application in popular terms, the most popular instant messaging and social networking applications. The photography class ranking customer satisfaction first.

The report also summarizes the existing application developers profit model, mainly advertising, value-added service charges free + model, download the paid model, a one-time software development costs as well as technical support revenues were found in five late profit model. Among them, advertising and free + value-added services are the two most important profit model.

Voice search will become one of the emerging trend of mobile

Under the influence of the mobile Internet, in the form of mobile search more and more diverse. In particular, is in a period of rapid development of voice search, nearly half of respondents said they use voice search more than last year.

Only 13 percent of mobile Internet users said never used this feature, 10% of respondents said fewer than previously. Therefore, once people start using voice search, it is likely they will continue to use, it will bring far-reaching implications for the future of mobile search.

Text / Hua Yang Digital Marketing Institute

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