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Slow roll time to smell the taste of Myanmar

Myanmar people and the hustle and bustle of the busy spaced very far, life "speed" direct step down to 20, "communication without limits" is definitely not the people here are pursuing. When I first arrived in Myanmar, Yangon airport as quiet as a museum, only one aircraft landed at noon.

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After two weeks, I often secretly whispered, domestic white-collar workers who are efficient if known to the Burmese, is estimated to be crazy - traffic is not convenient, no cell phone signal, the computer can open the page only GMail and Google , optional content is minimal.


Advertising:People give winter depression

Lithuania's winter half-year, the temperature is low, no sun, in such an easy trigger depression of the season, a local company called New! Advertising company, in cooperation with German high outdoor media, created a series of ads:

  "Good things come soon."

  Poster carefully drawn to the sea, sun, sand, shorts, berries, birds, fresh and bright colors, to remind people: Do not be disheartened warm season soon to come. They produce it without advertising the brand, the product, even if only for a second to bring optimism and joy.


Marketing Future: 4 things you need to know

In the 20th century, the marketing is often seen as a strategic investment. For the company's success is very important, so it does not make sense to measure. Today, however, collect more data than ever before, you can more accurately measure all things. Now very few marketing activities can not be "split" to see if they really make money. The following is the future of marketing you need to know four!

Marketing will become more strategic

       In the 20th century, the marketing is often seen as a strategic investment. For the company's success is very important, so it does not make sense to measure. In addition to direct marketing (catalog and letters, etc.) outside, no matter what method it is very difficult to measure the effect of market activity, so the few companies to try to measure.


People who understand you in Renren

Once upon a time, "90" and "non-mainstream", "brain damage" and other words always seem to have some kind of indistinct contact. Slackers, flirt, no limit, no festival parade, fight godfather, ignorance, many of them young public house ...... all the negative reviews. However, today's young people really so? The first batch of 90 have entered the community, perhaps we should also update the look perception of theirs. Recently, all network unveiled a new brand advertising, "Everyone who understands you," were composed by a team of TVC and 12 planes. Since the founding of eight young users has been the main Renren, which is the biggest difference compared to all networks and other social networking sites. As a base camp for young people, young people in all mesh look like?

Renren brand new version of the TVC: People who understand you in Renren


2013 Coca Event:Cola those things


Event URL

Cola those things

Often drink Coca-Cola? Coca-Cola is a party essential? For this moment of joy accompanied by a classic brand, you know enough about it?


From "mom call me a" see content distribution

This is no this world hot spots, the more people involved, it became a hot spot. Mom call me again after this comic fire, a lot of friends asking how to successfully make a case Mi mother spread phenomenon, read this article, I hope for your help. We know that the spread of heat depends on the technical aspects of a content and psychological level. In these two levels, and there are several decisive factor.

This is no this world hot spots, the more people involved, it became a hot spot.
  Mom call me again after this comic fire, a lot of friends asking how to successfully make a case Mi mother spread phenomenon, read this article, I hope for your help.
  We know that the spread of heat depends on the technical aspects of a content and psychological level. In these two levels, and there are several crucial factors:
  First look at the technical level


intercourse saying "Do not ring," and it impact the world‘s peace

Although the wechat' sitting on 600 million users, the outlook is excellent, but the boss was too physically and mentally exhausted when, in the wechat, easy to believe, the greatest competitive relationship between the three, the latter two are invariably targeting wechat. Easy to believe in this year's first micro-Bo and the subway, high-profile advertising, direct attacks on wechat weakness. Then in November, the intercourse also found thatwechat willfully interfere with normal access of users, called intentionally shielding Ali link circle of friends, blocked between domain names and tough stance "a little less monopoly, a little more between" wechat"circle" again become common knowledge.Again yesterday and from a series of flat wechat point to monopolistic behavior, using the language of a direct appeal to users naked "tear down the wall to open the circle."

intercourse saying "Do not ring," and it impact the world‘s peace

Although the wechat' sitting on 600 million users, the outlook is excellent, but the boss was too physically and mentally exhausted when, in the wechat, easy to believe, the greatest competitive relationship between the three, the latter two are invariably targeting wechat. Easy to believe in this year's first micro-Bo and the subway, high-profile advertising, direct attacks on wechat weakness. Then in November, the intercourse also found thatwechat willfully interfere with normal access of users, called intentionally shielding Ali link circle of friends, blocked between domain names and tough stance "a little less monopoly, a little more between" wechat"circle" again become common knowledge.Again yesterday and from a series of flat wechat point to monopolistic behavior, using the language of a direct appeal to users naked "tear down the wall to open the circle."


Jay Chou and Vincent Fang interactive advertising show

Jay Chou and Vincent Fang and coming out this old partner, but this is not playing music - after entering both the director community, the two began co-huh advertisement for the Audi Q3 shot "cross" the film version of the interactive micro- . 
Two creative director explained

It is called "cross-border" because the idea of music and traditional advertising does look very different people. Plot development and decision by the majority of users to interact with micro-movie mode compared taken, this interaction has taken a novel approach by Jay co-directed with Vincent Fang micro film: the story of the male and female were presented by two screens out, including both intersection also has two individual stories, and watching only when users need to drag in the middle of the screen you can see part of the axis of the male and female of a different story. Cool thing is the story of two way dialogue also uses a dual-channel expression, netizens can wear headphones to feel. (Interactive experience please visit the Audi Q3 official homepage )


Don Schultz: Baidu is extremely important to brand building platform

November 21, 2013, Baidu Moments marketing festival was held in Beijing. Father of integrated marketing world, Northwestern University Professor Don Schultz went to the site and share the world's newest six marketing changes, as well as how to create a brand under the wave of the Internet.
"The father of integrated marketing," Don Schultz
  Don Schultz introduced to the development of information technology has changed the entire market, we need to establish a new consumer-centric interactive marketing system. Currently, most of the advertisers brand building way far behind the market, consumers do not have to keep up with the changes still in the way, the persuasion style to push information to the consumer, which is not conducive to business in the digital age to create a brand, business brand building needs to be a revolutionary change in the way.
  He stressed that advertisers must learn to consumer-centric, focus needs to shift from product users, the response from the business user control becomes, to convince customers to buy from changing product to allow users to deepen understanding. In addition, companies also need to know how to use Baidu as the representative to understand consumer demand media platforms to build brands.


2014 CCTV advertising tender

2014 CCTV advertising tender has been concluded. Although the final amount of the tender is not announced, but this year CCTV advertising tender Media Center site is still a no suspense "wealthy" feast.

I identified a bid to help you this year Tyrant list.

As can be seen, in the national anti-corruption efforts to increase this year, Maotai, Wuliangye liquor industry and other high-end collective destruction. In the past, they are big, but the CCTV advertising. Automotive industry outbreaks. Drink beer is also very strong, Lulu topped the list.
  Internet industry does, Lynx and Tencent have voted, BAT years alone did not see Baidu figure.
  According to this attitude, do you think the Internet will be how to fight the war next year? You know, CCTV but important battlefield.

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Dual 11 business ads Wars Collection

Dual 11 you purchased it? How many people stay up all night last night, "preparing", today wore black eye to come to work? Dare to give a hand? Watching Taobao sales figures still rub Cengceng go up, had mixed feelings: People's power is infinite. Can not help but want to appeal to the next: to be rational shopping ah, the pro! And you share so much, too long to get the goods N ah! Zan lively online shopping here, but people are also business ads are also playing fiery.

The annual double 11 again, last year's double 11 days cat Taobao has created the miracle of turnover 19.1 billion this year from the launch of the brand in all kinds of humor, creative advertising, but also watch out of its gearing up trend.
Dual 11 Past and Present

First, we have to look back at double 11 past lives, and to this phenomenon a Secret. Know it when Reviewing the Old, do not know to hurry to learn about.

(The film by "flashers creative 'creation)

Lynx: Lynx pair 11 coming!
Speaking of double 11, without mentioning its originator - Lynx. 2009 Taobao in this day an occasion to "strip" planned commodity half of the whole network organized big promotion, Paypal transaction amounted to 100 million. Lynx has now become a major field of electronic business and promotional activities. This year's double 11, Lynx released a series of advertisements.

Jingdong dual 11 advertisement
Jingdong launched two way video advertising uses irony, by comparing other stores slow delivery, highlighting their "more with less" fast logistics brand image. Exaggerated character modeling, so that the audience for their online shopping experience sad reminder empathize movie in the creative and brand promotion blowing loud Assembly. In addition to video, as well as outdoor advertising, small not uncommon to the bus station.

In addition to video advertising and outdoor advertising, there is no festival parade Jingdong also launched a poster, and in the day of the event, but also arrogant up.


See also double 11, the seven electricity supplier promotional phenomenon must

11.11, and a suction gold date, facing an increasingly competitive environment, in a dual 11 approaching, how to win the eye electricity providers have high purchasing power in the high current flow is able to tease the audience's ears, advertising, public relations, new media often become the protagonist of each promotion. Others, such as 50% off Date marketing, CEO challenge, the phenomenon of internal information are flying with seven electricity suppliers promotion appeared frequently.

11.11, and a suction gold date, facing an increasingly competitive environment, in a dual 11 approaching, how to win the eye electricity providers have high purchasing power in the high current flow is able to tease the audience's ears, advertising, public relations, new media often become the protagonist of each promotion.
1.5 fold
5 fold, this gimmick is thousands of years of time-tested tricks, after all, China is still the consumer price sensitive crowd, just as in recent years, electric commercial enterprises often play word games consumers already feel this is unknown Li, not knowing that fact, as early as Lynx In the last pair of 11 had already ordered a halt to five fold slogans.
For dates have been deep in the heart of the user, the real strength is not how to solve, but more compact understand the user, the user most of the time now diverted to the phone, the phone side appeared; users are willing to line contrast, buy online , Well O2O appeared, consumers want to get fast and effective speed up the logistics system also appeared.
2. Never absent "supplier"
Whether "Alternative suppliers' or executives clamor Taobao Jingdong forced suppliers" is the Road to Serfdom "or Dangdang" promotional fee "every major vendor can often promote close protagonist is expected to grab the limelight. You had a very simple for my marketing partnerships often involve behind shady, money transactions, vicious competition, seize power, they like the idea that the story repeatedly staged media have chased perseverance, complete-law on this story appeared.
However, this approach was able to quickly ignite media attention, the media hype I will sort out the story, they often said, because X 6.18 East to be held with the anniversary, invisible in the consumer recruited.
After entering double 11, this sweet game vendor has not, for to do a new advertising-style marketing.
3 Date of Marketing
Chinese people pay attention to climate, geography, and product promotion as their time is often less effective results can also play double 11,6.18, "3.12 Dangdang something big happens, "and so will the memory point for consumers twelve, can remember the day, often a major success.
Speaking of dates, anniversary is an addition made is also a section, and after the success of the festival made the effect will benefit future generations, a few years later, little or equal investment, but also you can see from the qualitative to the quantitative process.
How to create section? On this date in the dual 11 was particularly prominent, first in November was originally sold on the eve of the season, seasonal clothing, digital, home appliances update iteration, this time ahead of the release of pent-up energy sales potential, in addition to the original Singles, also on this 90 after the date given gene, the crowd more fit, then that is how it translates into sales, and 50% off on the one hand, when all the goods, all brand endorsement for this date, when it becomes festive, holiday will become a habit .
4.CEO various destabilize
Electricity supplier's CEO said too unlike a CEO, you must have "on the living room, under the kitchen, playing off the third, dry off the main house." Courage, in addition, CEO squalling only thing better than Aunt advantage a switched of discretion.
In our inventory, when Li Guoqing and Qiang Dong , Liu Qiang East and Sun Weimin, a few countries melee of gambling, about frames, tactics, price wars, Ten Questions Qiang Dong, Wei-Wei you dare to ask, and so inadequate in the ear consumers see excitement, they may not know is that these companies have long clamored for the mice, to the big promotion also waited at the front of the computer to see who cheaper one dollar.
Into 2013, the electricity supplier's CEO war of words suddenly corpuscles, spread wind is changing, consumers have tired of watching this idea that the story, perhaps as an occasional one like Francis Chan's letter addressed to the user, it will really impress consumption person's heart.
5 internal information, chats flying
Whether it is an internal e-mail leaked, or supplier chats, price list leaked, this traditional way of leaking well positioned to meet the consumer's voyeuristic desire, enterprise information passed, PR also achieved its purpose. To double 11, this approach has not become a leak, but through microblogging, web pages and other forms rendered even more naked.
6 Internet-based advertising
Currently on the market is generally divided into public relations department, BD, precision marketing, word of mouth marketing , brand advertising, affiliate marketing, and several other modules. In the future, between the electricity supplier marketing rights will become increasingly blurred, can act as a creative hot microblogging letter object, microblogging can also become advertising material, how to make the flow of creatives can also become an amount not more marketing opportunities.
7 Social Media
Microblogging and micro-channel, before the burst of the original act as a tool to communicate and consumers, along with the rise in this way, we increasingly find that the rise in the microblogging take him as a marketing tool, use it as a brand promotion after 2014 perhaps more appropriate, however.
Also saw many companies CEO, saw to do is fire microblogging microblogging, good morning, good night, and saw the fire follow micro-channel micro-channel. This is actually very user-friendly manner do not understand, but is often so we all know that this method is effective when it has bottomed out during the bonus.
If everything is user-oriented way to think, it will become simple, microblogging, micro letter, QQ, BBS, above all what the crowd gathered, by what means these populations can be activated? Microblogging, fast delivery channels, which will help create topics; micro-channel, closed circle, but the credibility is high, it must be recommended by a friend roles, personal customization recommendation; QQ, QQ key depends on what platform, and If you just rely on QQ mass, spread the world will become simpler, QQ space Shangqie but did not see a lot of potential business opportunities; BBS last to talk about it, to be honest everyone seems he already aging, but it is the depth of the user concentration camps, to understand fanatical "fans" This power may not rely on money and a micro-Bo will be able to return.
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Author: Ye boat


Microblogging marketing dead end? Practitioners go from here?

In fact, the weibo in the micro-business marketing potential in 2013 has been quite obvious.Compared to previous years, the 2013 micro-blog hot topic, the vast majority are all kinds of social events, and movies, variety and other innate superiority of events have spread occupied.Corporate brand business communication attempt, even if access to the official microblogging resources to support the topic list, the last successful cases are still rare. Really only remembered by everyone nickname Cola bottles, ROSEONLY other handful. Of course, the microblogging platform certainly there are many no overnight explosion of red, is well known, but the price was higher, quietly muffled fortune smaller brands, but they can not actually figured out the case, you are unable to convince business owners maintain the confidence of micro-Bo, and continued investment budget.
So as a practitioner, how to plan for their future career extra protection?

First, the most critical thing is to have a social thinking .

Microblogging greatest value lies not in a huge user, if only so, then this is at best a CCTV on the Internet, it is important, but do not have the subversive force. Its real significance lies, so that companies and the audience becomes equal, this subversion of the traditional way of communication and interaction, and this subversion is irreversible.
To electricity providers, for example, if today overnight Taobao, Jingdong, Suning and other platforms collective disappeared, have become accustomed to staying at home and depleted world of all things you will convince yourself return to the traditional mode of shopping?Obviously this is unrealistic, because online shopping has become an everyday lifestyle.
Social thinking also, when people have become accustomed to equality, transparency, freedom of interaction, even micro-Bo is gone, they can not return once again to receive information passively life. Similarly, no matter what the future instead of the new social microblogging platform, as long as you have this way of thinking, can in the shortest amount of time to adapt.

Cultivate some form of original content capabilities , but also the future is extremely important professional skills.

In such a social platform where miracles may arise at any time, the so-called skills and experience are not important, but there are likely to become a burden to imprison your mind.Meanwhile, with the field of vertical segments, the importance of quality content even to some extent over the channel (channel not to say unimportant). The content herein does not mean blockbuster big ideas, but that can be sustained output routine content.
The so-called big ideas, you really want Biezu Jin thought, each team can always come up with twelve good idea, but this haphazardly and unsustainability of creativity, significance. Just as everyone talked about Durex year Beijing rainstorm flash in the pan, but if you do not have a daily routine content before continuing accumulation of this one incident alone, might be able to attract people's attention in a short time, but it is impossible to This attention is transformed into long-term fans. Today, more and more subdivided in various vertical field, if not blockbuster, alone positioning accuracy, style uniform continuity content gathered an audience, but also enough to get you and your business digested. As for the content of the form, as writing articles can accomplish to stay a few hands, ghosts foot seven, so video can easily make a small star called the beast, but also made a star by talking Luo Zhenyu, as long as you can play director, always grasp belong that part of your crowd.

And finally, it is more future-oriented data analysis capabilities .

Social marketing development so far, various social statistics has become a standard feature of the tool back. This means that once in the social marketing aspects of migraine subjective judgment, along with detailed data to support, becoming more objective. Meanwhile, those who are not good at creative enterprises can also through data analysis, the effect of the content of some of bland monitored and adjusted in the audience in a corresponding impact. Shiny creativity is important, but it is more data to support plain is the foundation. This is like a battlefield to compete, although the introduction of Towers marvel, but to win a battle, always surprising complement, but not overall in the hands of deception. Hehe so-called skilled persons without the power, in the micro-Bo, the infrastructure operators continue to achieve the ultimate, and thus earn real money a small brand, than to rely on big ideas to attract eyeballs to get much more successful enterprise.In this regard, conditional practitioners may wish to do business and Internet products and operations professionals Shi Duojia learn.


Internet giant's "social logic"

Whether Sina, Alibaba, Tencent or Baidu, their platform action, are to cut their own social system to different platforms to target institutions and enterprises marketing. But with the technology and communications situation changes, they are also fully toward social platform transfers. This means that both the mobile social upcoming harvest period, it will be a comprehensive competition intense melee engagement period.
Recalling October this year, China's biggest Internet company, a social engagement platform has been fully upgraded.
Well, they have their own kind of strategy and tactics? What is the logic of war? Whither the next turn?
Ali: From let the user to allow the user to stay
In October, the most popular, of course, the most eye make Ma and his pushing the "exchange."
Various analyzes in this regard, news and reviews already a lot, I am here no longer expand.
On a personal experience point of view, Ma belle full marketing + marketing + free flow means is indeed useful, at least for now, and from the early accumulation of popularity, especially its staff composition, has been better than recent Einfo .
At least, it has gradually formed a relatively active social ecology, not easy to fall into that kind of credulity "tour" a go, immediately deserted the tragic fate.
However, we must continue to move forward, and from the still urgent need to address the core issue, that is, where the user needs?
These big move in front of the focus, all channels, or that is to solve the "allow users to" problem, but the next step, how to "allow users to stay", which is a greater challenge.
Cheap really good, but cheap is not enough light, the user only needs to find the real value will be left behind.
Looking back before some big social platform, QQ micro-foundations of faith and social relations in the chain, games, etc. are realized electricity supplier means, it has been the most aggression forces; happy network is nominally social, in fact, the foundation of the game, can be as small game too easy to be copied, so the decline; microblogging name is social, the foundation in fact in the media, so now have to turn to services and big data; Einfo name is social, but the foundation is actually "have it both ways." , so it looks beautiful, but you can not leave the user.
What is the root of the exchange?
In China the user's instant messaging Tencent a single large case, and from the most realistic and most likely cut approach is to electricity supplier for the root to marketing as root, open up the Want Want, Taobao and other electricity providers systems to them as support the entire core of the system and from the social cohesion.
October 30, and from the new release, and launched a platform of free public account. Some to marketing as the core, had suffered combat micro letter public account has been settled.
Obviously, the idea is very clear between you engage in marketing, I'll let you do, and let you vigorously, as long as you can bring over users, the relationship chain belt over.
Ma and Zhang Xiaolong afraid of network marketing, for fear of social marketing to micro-channel basis hollowed out, could Ma is on, engage in network marketing, Chinese people do not dare to say do Pai Xiongkou over this mighty God, lest he only worried about you engage was not big enough, not enough people to bring!
Next, Ma will be how to do it, and then look.
Sina : microblogging to "return to basics"
October 29, user initiative subscription-based Sina microblogging "fan service platform" formally launched, all authenticated users can apply to use.
Fan service platform will help authenticate users to active subscribers of his fans with exciting content and interactive services, are considered to promote micro-blog from "marketing" platform to a "marketing and service" platform transformation of the important products.
At the same time, announced the launch of fan service platform developer model, fully open to third-party developers.
Sina insiders said that third-party developers to join, is expected to help authenticate the user to better provide for their convenience Subscribe fans, differentiated services, thus further strengthen Sina microblogging platform "Service" value.
Although the current on-line, there seems and Tencent, Ali rivalry feeling, but in fact this platform as early as a month ago, has started closed beta.
More importantly, if the forward comb, this is in fact the platform architecture changes, Sina microblogging overall business carding a new action.
In 2012, there were a large number of micro-Sina bar, micro-publication and other "micro" word at the beginning of the product line, the microblogging system adds a lot of business entry by outsiders as Sina Weibo value inside the cutting means.
But now, these services have been fully adjusted, such as micro-Journal, has stopped development, integration to other teams.
Sina insiders, the core idea of ​​these adjustments is to allow micro-Bo is no longer rendered complex business systems, but "getting back to basics," back "information flow", "private letter flow" two basic data and business simply come.
In simple terms, the user is no longer seen various "micro" prefix products, but only the messages and private letters, product functional design and integration into the background.
"Now Sina microblogging direction, in two streams, based on the platform from a marketing platform transition to marketing + services." The source said.
At the same time, Sina microblogging update speed has been fully accelerated, mobile client update rate accelerated from two months to one month, small run, move it as far as possible with the pc client experience consistent user experience to avoid fragmentation.
This year, Sina microblogging is accelerating its pace of product updates, increase platform "service" value extension. This year in May, began to throw Page microblogging concept, based on the original microblogging page, provide to the user a richer, differentiated multi-functional services.
Regardless of these measures can not let Sina microblogging "second spring", but at least from the point of view I feel, indeed heavier than before, more chaotic service experience much better, worth the wait.
Tencent: public platform to accelerate open
October 29, Tencent micro-channel platform for new public beta test version is also open.
There are four major new version updates, including opening a new certification system, support services number for the new micro-channel authentication, the new answering system developers as well as more than 380 details of the interface revision.
Points are worth noting: a new version of the opening of the high-technology interface all free; 2, the new version of the open interface only for the service number; 3, the new version of the service number only enterprises or institutions to apply, individuals can not apply, and the introduction of a third-party professional organizations qualification examination.
Obviously, through the upgrade, Tencent once again the increased number of public service platform weight.
This corresponds, in some marketing group, the recent cries rang some, Tencent new "marketing queen" ban once again begin to exert.
With several other strong by the weak are advised to make every effort to different take advantage of the more active Tencent calm, indeed able to win homes.
Tencent's ideas have been very clear, although the addition to games, micro-channel is bound to pay the loop is complete, open O2O marketing ecology, cut a big cake, but it also does not want to subvert the commercialization of its own social ecology roots.
Therefore, micro-channel number on the one hand continue to tighten the living space of the media, marketing, public crackdown number, service number while gradually increasing the authority and cooperation depth.
So, micro-channel with institutional and corporate marketing services space for expanding cooperation, but the impact on the user social experience were minimized.
Can be expected, with open interfaces authority to further expand, micro-channel will also be "Taobao" of: more service numbers will become micro-channel platform "light application" or "micro-site", and micro-channel, will become connected them with Users of the "land bridge."
Baidu : Post Bar is also a big kill
Compared with several other, Baidu fact, there is no force in the social, the most attention recently, or 8% of revenue in financial market shock, "one hundred hair."
Why am I still here come the Baidu column?
In fact, Baidu is not without social networking, but has not reached the big battleground instant messaging only.
In fact, Baidu still has a "big kill": Post Bar. Ten years of experience not only interested in the contents of the theme words together to create the most in line with people's social platform communication features, but a step in the brewing, open B2B, B2C, C2B's platform operators road.
Popularity of the Internet, allows companies not only need to have a "front door" for consumers to understand their own, must also have a can achieve "resident users and to achieve in-depth exchanges" platform.
If the previous Baidu search help companies achieve a "front door" guiding role, then you can paste it features its community platform to help enterprises build a "back garden", resident consumers and achieve efficient interaction.
First look at a set of data: the number of users paste it has now reached 600 million people; interest it reached more than 800 ten thousand; nearly 100 million daily average number of posts, views over two billion times.
Since paste it mostly based on user interest, so the activity of this platform is also very potential and value. With interest as a link, to build up the depth between strangers to acquaintances social pipes. Users not only loyal, but very active. The potential value is undoubtedly solve the "users come from" and "how to leave users" double difficulty.
In fact, Baidu has begun operations.
First in the form of products, and paste it has carried out a new revision, for the first time in a different interest labels more than 800 ten thousand paste it to aggregate the classification, each user can have their own special interest in home, and sync to get through the PC side and mobile phone client.
Second, since a few months earlier, paste it more constantly invited, including business, media, institutions and other partners settled. And started in some enterprises and star paste it platform "test the water" Operators official bar, offering corporate official authorization and customization services. Companies can use a platform to interest and paste it on the basis of the innate geographical advantage, and create a new marketing model to adapt to consumers' soft.
Obviously, Baidu Post Bar is trying to go by decades of accumulated massive amount of active users, ground gas and other characteristics, for enterprises to create "garden", further user stickiness adhesion paste it settled on the platform in the enterprise.
In summary, both the Sina, Ali, Tencent, Baidu still, their platform action, are to cut their own social system to different "open platform" or "service platform" to target institutions and corporate marketing market.
In the past, these markets or online, or where other platforms, such as Taobao.
But with the technology and communications situation changes, they are full shift toward social platform, which is why Ma full force of the key reasons: to and from the significance lies not only offensive, also lies in defense.
This means that the upcoming both mobile social harvest period, it will be a comprehensive competition intense melee engagement period.
Different social products, how solid front, cutting benefits, Judai time to look.

News Source: Sohu it
Author: Wang Yunhui


Good voice ad to sell the third quarter rose over 30% of the 1.3 billion

November 2, prior to the third quarter announced that no tender "China good sound" exclusive naming rights to 250 million yuan by the JDB renew. Advertising highest single 15 seconds to 112 million yuan, approaching the first quarter finals of the single highest price. All Seasons advertisement total more than 1.3 billion yuan, up 30 percent compared to the second quarter.
  Wang Jun, deputy director of Zhejiang TV, said, "Today really good, very few programs accredited by the audience. Example music talent show, allowing viewers to name really, I'm afraid the first one is the" China good voice "." In such a market, he that businesses look for a good voice, to scraping not surprising.
News Source: Beijing Times
Author: Xu Qinghong


Qualcomm's mobile event marketing born "traffic jam Trek"

Qualcomm Qualcomm's mobile event marketing born "traffic jam Trek"

Qualcomm is committed to moving to make life better. Video of these taxis have moved # # raw two-dimensional code, traffic jams through the smart phone scan the QR code, you can summon the magic of mobile tools that will extricate you from traffic jam! Harley-Davidson motorcycles, rickshaws also retro chair, which is when you are most looking forward to in a traffic jam with a smart phone call out of the "moving artifact"? 
except "traffic jam Trek" creative video, but you can also make your own event page # mobile # manifesto born. Write your # mobile # understood born a chance to win your phone bill, Jingdong coupons and gift Xiaolong smartphones 
friends in Beijing chance to get Harley Jiejia service through application to the event page!


Wechat marketing, how far away?

Remember the beginning of madness do? Marketing can make money doing micro-channel, low-cost high-yield, do not understand? 19,999 yuan to listen to my training, ranging from micro-colored letter Summit, and made emphasis on user experience, Zhang Xiaolong have repeatedly stressed, micro-channel marketing is not done, is doing service.
In the midst of the hustle and bustle after the companies began to pay off tuition reflection, micro-channel nor masters clamored so "artifact" Well! Really can not do marketing. A mobile IM is the essence of things, how could the task of carrying Marketing? How likely do CRM? How can we save the decadent economic situation is not innovative products business? How can you change never wake up sinking the heart of the traditional marketing model.

Subscribe number of push has cooled

Since the introduction of micro-channel subscription number and service number, service number of the most upgraded to die because they can not provide what the cow B services, maintain subscription number is also crumbling, open rates decreased by 50% or more. For corporate subscription number is concerned, nor may find yourself unable to make an excellent platform for subscription. Very simple, ask yourself, would you push companies to focus on one day Introduction public number?
(Note: The subscription number for the media and individuals to provide a new information communication, build better communication between readers and management models, such as our SocialBeta account hisocialbeta official micro-channel is the subscription number, only a day to send the audience 1 information content.)

Service number only rich handsome new toy

Service number is still retained essentially banks and operators, they have enough budget, small is 200,000, then 3,000,000 of H5 large development costs, marketing expenses did not say, and some fast-million level cumulative investment , and have come but for the prize is not a zombie brain residual powder, looking down daily user data, egg pain whooped help.
A new media marketing for many years engaged in the veterans told me to real estate, for example, micro-blog and micro-enterprises are willing to pay for the letter why, largely because of those years did not really let creative "Marketing Director" big bosses to Koichi back please Bale.
And SMEs, even have a database of enterprises, also did not carry out "service", on the one hand Tencent does not provide a good solution, on the other hand, companies do not service gene, domestic enterprises is still a "one-shot deal." thinking. Put it mildly, business owners are savvy owners, before being microblogging cheated, the micro-channel no longer fooled.
(Note: The micro-channel service number to businesses and organizations to provide a more robust business services and user management capabilities to help companies quickly implement new public number of service platforms, such as China Merchants Bank's micro-channel public account is the service number, if you are a cardholder, you can Quick Check credit card bills, lines and points; rapid repayment installment billing application; micro-channel adapter human services; credit card, micro-channel free pen reminder, if not the cardholder, you can do micro-channel card!)

Membership card is not used up

It stands to reason, micro-channel business membership card is the ultimate solution, "Tencent micro-life" is indeed also to provide customers with a complete solution, but the money is collected Degui points, narrow point of service. Later, even Taobao also put forward a little bit out of a spoiler, but unfortunately still not a bubble ring. This demand is mainly based food and beverage industry, the domestic food and beverage, or good business to death, night queuing for half an hour or more, what are they do not need membership cards, and business is not good, get hold of what the membership card is useless .
(Note: The next picture shows Tencent micro-life business use of process)
Micro-letters "discovery" sweep the open
Scan-store or web-dimensional code
User access to electronic membership card
Open to the shop can be used to produce micro-channel

Tencent is not open?

Until today, perhaps the future, Tencent will not open user data and user relationships, to do service in the micro letter is basically impossible. In the public number is not a good business model case, expression, games, pay is tricky business direction. As Tencent speaking, payment is the key, as the number of public enterprises various marketing needs, largely outside the scope of consideration.

Consumers do not buy it

Back in June, when official data showed that the public micro-channel numbers are 1 million, do not know that there are not increased to 2,000,000, the core is Until now, the public knows the user level number is not much, but is 5.0 planes, Let people know that the earth is actually a micro-channel game app, public awareness has been low numbers, so that enterprises in the promotion of micro letter, the difficulty is not small. The so-called micro-payment letter will also encounter the challenges of user habits, who told've got your fill fast hardware Alipay yet.

The so-called marketing entrance just wishful thinking

Before listening to many experts talked about, most do micro-channel marketing portal, user data can be superimposed on the most direct communication between users, but also to complete the database of accumulation, for precision marketing. Male song is also micro-channel operation 2.0's theory, that the micro-channel precision marketing is the ultimate solution. However, from the current market environment, the user's acceptance of a point of view, the so-called product attributes above the entrance only from the judgment, most users do not have this sense, there is no such intention. The most frightening thing is that business owners of this demand is not large, the degree of attention is not enough.
To sum ​​up, as the male song in the " release the micro-channel , "a text describes, micro-channel marketing fiery behind China's economic trends," calm ", Chinese enterprises confused, they need to change their high-tech, six months later, they found , who could not save himself.

Where is the problem?

Everyone has seen millet marketing success and saw the fiery electricity supplier, to see the impact of the Internet on traditional industries, but the majority of enterprises in the mode of thinking, there is no Internet-based marketing idea, Take micro-letters, they just put him as a tool for advocacy and communication, there is no real use to the enterprise product design, user research, channel marketing, market feedback, that is, their products and operations is still the same.
From a marketing concept development trends, relationship marketing is the biggest trend, while fans of the popular economy, donations and a reward is representing the development direction of marketing, marketing is communication, communication is the marketing, the core task is to build relationships, the key not product sales letter made before and after the micro-micro-Bo, but from the start began to design interactive products, allowing customers into the whole process of product life. Such as pre-product design, allowing users to vote, and even provide funds sales process involved in product launches, invitation code application, product or business user community structures and management.
Micro-channel is not used to make traditional marketing because traditional marketing models and practices have been downhill.