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“Thank you ” 360 micro-Blog to respond

#marketing# On the afternoon of February 27, for the "Daily Economic News" published a long article on the 26th " 360 black box mystery - Qihoo 360 "cancer" genes Great Secret ", 360 security guards official micro blogging bursts of three # Thank you # micro blogging responded, alluding to Baidu, Tencent and King soft jointly deal with 360. However, the availability of consumer understanding is that open and honest response to questions, instead of "weakness" stroke sympathy.
360 security guards : # Thank you # Thank you employ to convene a lot of talent to help the 360 study 360 products, so that only 360 to become exclusive Baidu , Tencent, Jinshan, Fang 7 × 24-hour supervision Secure Enterprise!


20 worst social media recommendations (Part I)

 More and more "social media experts" distribution network proposals, sometimes based on their limited experience, sometimes is empty. Uneven view of a large number of floating into the network. How to tell which views should be accepted, and what they should not ignore it? The Plum Network Marketers to share the 20 worst social media recommendations and see which speech is to guide you deviate from the correct direction of social media marketing.


Kai-fu Lee: Mobile Internet 2013 Five Trends

Kai-fu Lee expressed his views on the 2013 trend of mobile Internet geeks Park today (January 11), "Innovation Conference on.



The outbreak of the 2013 small ads help QR code

      Hungry at night, to identify land relieve hunger. Hotel into the street, and found the door to paste the two-dimensional code; and other meals on the table, pick up a newspaper, advertising on the title page, QR code.


This opened of 2013 a little chaos in search

Can be said to have gone by 2012, the search industry hot topic belongs only to Baidu and Qihoo 360 2013 Chinese New Year to work only three days, the search industry is big news came one after another. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, however, there must be some inevitable factors coincidence. Old the butterfly effect triggered by 3B war has already begun to show.

  2013 Chinese New Year is to work only three days, the search industry big news came one after another.

  The seventh day, the network transmission instantly search for two years, spent 2 billion yuan to incur senior dissatisfaction, instantly search will lay off hundreds of people, poor performance, and questioned the team leader Deng Yaping understand search industry.

  Eighth day, according to informed sources, Sogou and Soso negotiating mergers and acquisitions, the amount and the way yet.

2013 marketing Nine Practical Guide

  About the future of media, technology and other fields, and every year many bold declaration. While hard to read fun, but sometimes these are rose-colored lens product, the critics seem to ignore the growing pains of rapid development has brought technological and cultural. This year, we summarize several major trends in 2013 affect the marketing and media, without reservation, to the reader.

  The application is a new microsite

  In the 21 century and the first decade of the early to mid-term, each brand wants to establish a micro site shortly after the Internet started to become congested, filled with a variety of promotional Web site, and soon become obsolete.

  The website gets interesting not enough, you have to attract many users to access the site and share it.

  Today, every brand wants to build its own iOS or Android application, the plight of deja vu again.

  This is a matter of numbers: Apple App Store now has more than 650,000 applications, Google Play Store has over 600,000 applications, according to GigaOm Website statistics, about 25% of the applications opened only once no been opened.

  So there was a million-dollar question: how to make the brand driven massive download application boarded the coveted the main screen, to remind people to use your application, and do these things while respecting user experience instead of junk push mail notification?

  Product hangover

  Fuelband wristband released and followed by the Cannes Advertising Festival Golden Lion Award, Product Development at an advertising agency is regarded as an essential skill every brand now try to persuade their products into the market.

  In time, we will see the final results.

  Here are a few things to note:

  First, successful product development requires specific risk prediction, many brand management did not do it. Product development usually requires a different approach to budgeting, because the product is not stable from the start, team composition (including internal and advertising company) also need to take a new approach.

  Each brand should be looking for partners, they both have a rich experience of the show, but also be able to try the new pricing model, these patterns based on fixed costs clips and prototyping, unlike traditional advertising hourly and standard off-the-shelf.

  The native advertising situation will be more embarrassing

  With the rise of the native advertising in 2013, we will see, originally accustomed to pay to attract attention and spread the brand of their own ideas, the awkward transition began to edit content.

  Native advertising requires a more realistic - and funny - way to integrate content and information. Native ads focus more on the news philosophy rather than push advertising.

  2013 first awkward integration Scientology ads "Atlantic Monthly" (Atlantic), leading to the "Atlantic Monthly" withdrawal of advertising, said in a statement, "We remain committed to innovation and keen on digital advertising, but we are ashamed to admit that we are anxious ...... "

  For this type of advertising content and such advertiser schedule conflict, publishers need to effectively establish and improve the firm's guiding principles.

  Zombie the user reproduce, troubled brands and applications

  A hot topic in 2012, is the rapid rise of social networking the video startup companies SocialCam company to $ 60 million acquisition of software vendor Autodesk.

  But if you carefully study the technology blog TechCrunch headlines, you will find this application in order to build an audience, resorted to a variety of harsh means. Push spam, automatically following popular YouTube video disguised as website original application into a not falling.

  If the mortgage-backed bonds, the collapse of some research, you know the sand-based products what would happen.

  The same reasoning also applies to those who have been brand buy cheap followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter.

  These data may look good, but if you want to drive substantial business results, you must at any cost, to consider the issue of product quality.

  Old and new alternation

  The story speaks is also a skill, storytelling represents a brand needs to study hard done right brand marketing expertise.

  At the same time, the outstanding culture of social content will make a quick response, Oreo cookies "Daily deformation" (Daily Twist) publicity campaign proved this point - this is a case of the advertising industry last year, the most well-known. This marketing / Pull strategy is still effective.

  At present, this new type of rapid response content does not meet many advertising companies produced content, so we expect the brand and the advertising company's internal structure will change in 2013 to reflect this trend. Also note that the technology companies, such as social software operators Percolate, service providers and creative brand story and advertising company products new partnership.

  Creative briefs based on social data

  This year, we will see more creative presentation based on social data. The advertising company is no longer only the planning department, we expect social analysis even technical departments should actively involved.

  Take full advantage of all those involved in data from social channels, advertising companies can now build content and experiences that arouse strong reaction from the audience. Combined with the business goals of the foundation, which will create more impact on the market of advertising works.

  Platform wars

  Many of the high market value of the company have been established on the basis of a symbiotic relationship with the other platforms.

  But now, with the continued pursuit of monetization, we will see more power game, some companies shut down the application programming interface (API), a rainy day. In June 2012, Twitter Close cooperation of shared services with LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram query Friends "website recently closed.

  Based on the real-time social networking sites Subscribe quite interesting, the trend of this platform wars to make an intelligent response, but this site can scale beyond Scobles and other early adopters, still remains to be seen.

  Professional blog circle

  In early blog circle, most of the content from the enthusiastic novice, diligence and hard work in their own niche fun. We are accustomed to top-down the Media and bottom-up media interaction, seek inspiration from other sources, or to obtain an explanation.

  Currently, in the past few years, we have seen the rise of the professional blog class, this kind the blog actually become part of the media.

  Gizmodo and Engadget site visits and attract attention just as much as the "New York Times" (The New York Times). Many who would otherwise have to write a blog started a year ago now find other ways to express themselves, especially on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. The Tumblr website is more than just "blog", to become one of the occurrences in the Google search word up. Another factor is the smart customer evaluation in this area, such as Amazon, Yelp, Foursquare is increasingly in line with this feature.

  We also note that the professional class blog, especially science and technology classes, prone views herd phenomenon, which do not necessarily reflect the consumer sentiment.

  For example, Samsung released the Galaxy Note smartphone, this product is subject to the general mockery of everyone, but the results exceeded all sales expectations. Galaxy Note 2 get equally good results, many of the initial critics gradually changed their views (Disclosure: TBG cooperative relationship with Samsung, but did not participate in this campaign).

  Another recent example is modified Instagram website user terms of service caused by the storm. I dare say that, despite many influential microblogging and blog posts, but their internal analysis and reduce user participation or reduce user. The key feature of this area, the impact of those bubble sometimes confuse everyone, and does not reflect the reality of the situation.

  Community Managers: The Next Generation

  Community managers are accustomed to a certain extent, skilled use of social channels.

  In the early stages of the brand into the social network, everyone can participate freely in the insiders, public relations companies, advertising agencies, and other institutions are trying to sort things out. Ad content, they must obtain advance review and approval by the static content calendar.

  Now, each brand has established a substantial scale audience, they are beginning to understand what type of goals / indicators apply to their communication channels, and try new types of content and paid social media to build audiences, and spread their message.

  In addition to the countless other effects, such as customer service response, customer relationship management (CRM) and job information, which forced community managers to grow up quickly. Under normal circumstances, the new community managers will be in-house, relying on advertising agencies to get creative concept, content and best practices.

  They will increasingly pay social budget to experiment, to promote the more popular. This new community managers will also serve to assist in the formation of the role of creative presentations, all involved in the data extracted from the major social platforms, figure out what kind of content produced on the basis of the community validation and interested.

  Looking to the future

  Overall, we are still in a transition period for the marketing and advertising company, which is usually confusing moment.

  Now there are a lot of trendy new project, the platform and the "Declaration on the future", distract us.

  However , for those companies with strong brand value , are willing to try and take on new risks, honest creativity and technology partnerships, and are able to interact with the audience and the establishment of new business convincing way.

Large data to the e-mail marketing opportunity

Large data has become the focus of attention of the media and many marketers, despite the large data technology and the degree of utilization are still a long way to go, but it is undeniable that, with the surge in the amount of data, as well as the brand generally user behavior of great importance, the value of mining large data has become increasingly important in 2013, will have large data breakthrough mail marketing industry, especially e-mail marketers, and hidden What opportunities do? The following information is carefully selected by the editor of the e-sight, mail marketers understand how big data used for e-mail marketing, for their own use, some inspiration.


Revelation of the 2013 social gaming trend of marketing staff

Social games social platforms, mobile devices and the web page is the most charming and the most popular activities. With the rapid increase in use of mobile gaming, social games like wildfire spread rapidly. eMarketer predicts that by 2014, there will be more than half of social network users experience the social gaming in the United States, there will be 141 million users on mobile devices to experience the game, the 101 million user experience online casual games.

Five things about the elderly Chinese consumers you need to know

After a lifetime of toil, all hope and look forward to a safe and peaceful life after retirement. Many older people particularly hard life, a young man in China, and look forward to perhaps more strongly. With the rapid increase in the elderly population in China, which the business is, this is undoubtedly a turning point. Global research firm Mintel (Mintel), Britain and recently released a study on the elderly in China, Asia-Pacific research director Matthew Crabbe highlighted five key factors affecting the elderly consumer

"Super Bowl" blackout how marketing

On Sunday, the United States Football League's annual championship game of the Super Bowl "(Super Bowl) start in New Orleans, this is the most nation's blood boiling annual event, also the highest ratings of TV programs. Technology giants, including Blackberry, Samsung will not hesitate to invest heavily to promote their flagship product advertised during live matches.
However, come as early as inferior to the clever. Yesterday, in the third quarter of the San Francisco 49ers against the Baltimore Ravens game 13 minutes 22 seconds, the stadium suddenly suffered a power outage. Such unexpected incidents no doubt so the organizers embarrassed, but it provides an excellent advertising opportunity for the three companies.


Murder Caused by JDB "I'm sorry"

The year is approaching, following @ JDB herbal tea launched # Sorry # Wanglaoji # does not matter # Coca-Cola # blame # # Pepsi # Knock. There are also mini to the integration does not matter # # Sorry +, telling their own stories very lively.

Millet phone "hey" CCTV Spring Festival Evening Advertising

Millet phone 2013 CCTV Spring Festival Evening advertising "Hey," the official version, fever and students, who can hear the end of the robot what to say? Hey, hey, enough 2B.


New Year new customs Baidu search red envelope: build Internet

the Spring Festival approaching, when major brands are the topic of home reunion release micro-movies, TVC expand the Spring Festival affection offensive, as Internet companies, but also how to use their own advantages ground gas children do? Baidu recently on-line Spring Festival Search envelopes activities, combined with the traditions and customs of the Chinese New Year red envelopes, to create a cross-platform, multi-terminal found red envelopes activities. As the double-October "," Double 12 "electric commercial enterprises Taobao, Lynx, found red envelopes during the Spring Festival is also Baidu create the Internet for the manufacture of hot topics New Year new customs.

Tingyi Post Spring Festival micro film "Homecoming"

In the Year of the Snake Spring Festival draws near, Master released a micro film "Homecoming," there is nothing special on the set of their plot, the main expression regardless of this year, we achieved what kind of grades, work outside the home not grow, has the heart of a home, and the Spring Festival is the best call. Master Kang instant noodles, snacks and drinks products have multiple appearances in this micro movies, some shots I should have been deeply touched, such as barrels of instant noodles to eat on the train, and the car kind of sub scattered not always go braised beef noodles taste, but like the New Year hold a box of instant noodle home to meet the parents of the plot implantation, some really far-fetched.


Xi'an Vanke: lead to the return home of a MV Heart

New year approaches, each brand began around the return home, the reunion theme play the family card during the Spring Festival, which micro-film or TVC become the brand of choice for publicity. Pepsi consecutive years to take home the music and FAW Pentium "Let Love home" are one of the representative works, which in many brands of micro-film works, one published by the Shaanxi local singers horse fly The single "Back to Xian" is triggered in the hearts of the people of Xi'an a small return home complex.


JDB: You dare to call me dare send

Although the renamed version of the ad has been halted , but the JDB or tried their best to allow consumers who loudly call out the name. A few days ago, in Beijing Chaoyang Joy City, JDB staged a "Do you dare call me dare to send" interactive marketing activities.

Home: Do not love too late(Chinese New Year)

every year over two years. But is clearly better than the twelfth lunar month lunar thirty year December 31 to be more to look forward to, because to this day, we can go home. That is why there is so much about advertising with "home" will emerge at this time.


The xiaomi mobile advertising will be landing in the CCTV Spring Festival Evening

xiaomi finally want to enter the traditional media has always been committed to social marketing. Points at 7:55 p.m. on February 9, which is 5 minutes before the start of the CCTV Year of the Snake Spring Festival Evening, This ad will appear in the TV screen in front of millions of households. The previous two days, the the millet phone's official microblogging released this commercial trailers.

Beijing Ogilvy: dumplings preach the gospel

Dumpling has irreplaceable position in the food culture of the Chinese New Year, however, think positive children eight land package on the table dumplings or quite good a lot of effort. If you just want to heighten the atmosphere of the next Chinese New Year with a dumpling, Table mind, perhaps just download an APP  enough.


Baidu SEO Part One

According to DCCI2010 survey of the survival and development of the China Internet Webmaster, China Internet Webmaster monthly income of less than $ 500 and no income ratio exceeds 50%. Main profit model mainly comes from advertising, and most Internet entrepreneurs facing tremendous pressure to survive. Development is worrying.


The cases of socialization marketing for fiscal 2012

2012, micro blog users exceeded 320 million micro-letters have sprung up everywhere declared to have 200 million users, watercress also began their the commercial footsteps, and pops sing emerging social new media applications have to admit that this network half of the times are the social networking world. Accompanied by the growth of the number of users at the same time, all kinds of brand owners and advertising agencies have increasingly familiar since the rules of the game here, social marketing has become the size.

"Good voice" challenger——I am a singer

Nearly two weeks, some of the singers in the weibo said he received "BACK OFF" to invite users, Na Ying also respond to the entry of said support Han Huang Qi Shan, Paul Wong medium not known before the name also frequently appear suddenly, "can not do without you," "Waiting" and other songs are widely shared, and enter the Hunan Satellite TV to open in 2013 years launched Baidu songs top ten, all signals point to the first file of the top singer music showdown reality show "I'm a singer." 


China's Top Ten SEO blog

Are you still struggling Search SEO articles? Various SEO articles you are still troubled by it? Are you still could not find a good SEO blog reading to learn it?
Do not be trapped, the number of articles by over one hundred Chinese SEO related website, blog, quality analysis, website SEO keywords, visitor reviews and analysis of the residence time in the Web site, we found the best ten SEO blog.

5 distinction of Public Relations firms and Corporate Communications

There are two categories of public relations officer in the public relations field, they were worked at a public relations firm (Agency) and internal (In-house) public relations. In the past, I have been working to meet customer requirements, preparing promotion will also coordinate the public relations firm to organize specific public relations activities. I have years in dealing with the press release with the customer, and thereafter began recording under the news happening around my trusted camera and Tablet PC.


Nike‘s latest advertising: Count on Kobe

In this world, some things occur are generally unchanging as truth. As the rising of the sun, the seasons, and Kobe Bryant as long as there will be able to rule the entire stadium. Nike has just launched a new ad "Count on Kobe (rely Bryant) is also based on this creation. Interesting pictures and images of the film at the same time the use of unique control over Bryant, basketball skills, as well as beginning to end for basketball tireless efforts and dedication, unfolding in front of people.


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