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Beijing Ogilvy: dumplings preach the gospel

Dumpling has irreplaceable position in the food culture of the Chinese New Year, however, think positive children eight land package on the table dumplings or quite good a lot of effort. If you just want to heighten the atmosphere of the next Chinese New Year with a dumpling, Table mind, perhaps just download an APP  enough.

Ogilvy & Mather Beijing on the release of the latest iPhone application "dumplings to preach good news to celebrate by sharing a dumpling and greet a prosperous New Year. Fact, this free application is an interactive, social games, virtual dumplings encourage users to cooking. By paddling the screen with your finger to control the rolling pin Ganmian skin children, there are three kinds of dumplings available options: Feast, bright red Chazi and brilliance, can pinch the flowers under boiled dumplings. Finally, shaking the phone, delicious dumplings on the pan you! This time, write down their New Year wishes to add new points, and you can share with friends and family online via Sina microblogging. Share on Twitter recently released upgrade version will.

OgilvyOne China Executive Creative Director Xie Fudong (Doug Schiff), said: "interesting applications from the reflection of the current situation in China, although it is a traditional way to celebrate the Spring Festival, but it is interesting and modern techniques to pass." Ogilvy Group launched the dumplings preach good application contains both Chinese and English versions, can now be downloaded through the Apple App Store, iOS 5.0 and above systems can be applied.

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