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5 distinction of Public Relations firms and Corporate Communications

There are two categories of public relations officer in the public relations field, they were worked at a public relations firm (Agency) and internal (In-house) public relations. In the past, I have been working to meet customer requirements, preparing promotion will also coordinate the public relations firm to organize specific public relations activities. I have years in dealing with the press release with the customer, and thereafter began recording under the news happening around my trusted camera and Tablet PC.
Recall that in the past, I left in 2006, the public relations firm, Corporate Communications in transition, I spent a very long time to learn, adapt, public relations firms and corporate public relations department of the same and different at Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to explain the difference in the public relations firm Corporate Communications, want to be able to provide some useful advice for PR people with similar career changes. 

Experience and experienced corporate story

SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), competitive research, corporate tours, and so on. These events are not a substitute for daily energetic enterprise. When working in the public relations firm, I usually have to deal in six customers, all customers have different releases and different needs. So I developed a weekly visit form, make full use of their time, and find ways to achieve targets in accordance with the requirements of the customer. The concept of public relations and when I go to the internal PR department, I happened to change. When you're in-house, you'll realize, now, your client is one of the company's internal departments, they need your help to share their press release. The workload is the same, but different; You can even "detect" bonus. However, if you want to understand all aspects of the enterprise, will still exist some obstacles, you will find a way to solve this problem; However, most of the time, you can be recorded in the field "daily life". 

Real-time experience with real-time news happening around us, means that you can make a more rapid response to the 24-hour news cycle. I often hear public relations firm, who say: "Do not worry, sir! Customer news, my phone will be ringing, and then I will be dealt with immediately." Indeed, the public relations company's employees from customers hands receiving the filtered content. I do understand it, because I myself have telephone two officers. Handed the hands of the public relations firm are usually after the third, fourth and fifth repetitions. PR firms discussed in accordance with the contract or internal group decision-making, and to consider how to publish content, as well as specific promotional program: request for consultations, usually using the first consultation, and then put my request in. Internal PR staff capable of real-time experience of news events that are taking place. When an event occurs, you can immediately known, and select what you want from the sources of unfiltered news material. From personal experience in terms of the press release, within the enterprise and public relations firm, public relations personnel, there is a great distinction between Of course, the law will always have exceptions, in fact, some of the public relations firm to send a public relations officer to the internal work a few days (a week access to corporate work days) write a press release, the purpose is to stand a better business perspective . 

Reaction time

as internal PR staff, your reaction is a "barometer" of the time. The public relations firm in the past, when I write a press release, media briefings, or a variety of other public relations presentation, always have been waiting for a customer's phone to update. This communication delay, wasting the best opportunity. While living within the enterprise, you can be certain appropriate "pressure" to promote the completion of the publicity process. Sometimes, you will receive complaints and grievances from colleagues, of course, sometimes you will harvest smile. Communication, search, enterprise stories and news material, the core of you every day with colleagues, to decide what elements to improve the story you have to say. The more you do, the more likely it is to facilitate this communication success. 

To make decisions

within the enterprise public relations, you will likely start his new role - a decision-makers. You will have a lot of team members, you may even be reporting directly to the vice president. However, you hired the goal is to own expertise and ideas into the enterprise, then you should better use of their own decision-making. One day, you will find a story worth spreading, you captured pictures and video, writing press releases, and then publish the manuscript, all no longer normal referrals to command link. This process is different, and are more likely to gather ideas of the various departments, rather than take orders from the boss's order. Now, you can be standing in the doorway, holding a red pen marking and audit before the press release. This description may be completely different experience, but if you know how to get your colleagues to participate in and support, but also demonstrate their work, how to help them, and know how to balance the relationship between the two, then, the whole The process will be carried out smoothly. 


when a crisis occurs, everything will be closely combined. The public relations company to company layoffs, plant closures or personnel changes are fully prepared, the public relations department of the enterprise was able to in a crisis comes with a unique and important position. The crisis suddenly "in the field" extraordinarily important, living within the enterprise will be more helpful. When I worked in the PR department of internal "unfortunate" but "very honored" to deal with the arson, theft and sudden strikes and demonstrations, and, I believe, whether internal or external communication, will be due understanding of the enterprise and benefit. If you are faced with a long-term crisis, such as streamlining the layoffs, public relations firm or internal PR departments are likely to deal with this public relations very appropriate. However, when all the dust settles to see the real difference. In this regard, when the company after the completion of the employee to adjust, the public relations department of the enterprise real formulated and revised circular message notify all departments, to appease the emotions of all employees. 

Your thoughts? 

I'm sure to have more to talk about, the reason I started this discussion on this topic. I want to listen to the voices from the public relations field who either worked in public relations in business or public relations firm. Well, the ideal choice for you, what is it?

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