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10 methods of contents marketing

2012 content marketing in full swing, many marketers are concerned about the growth of content marketing trends, more enterprises to join the camp of content marketing. Content marketing in the end for the enterprise, how to use content marketing, the story has only just begun. We are concerned about the new trend of content marketing in 2013, looking forward to the 2013 content marketing more exciting story.
When Felix Baumgartner jump from the sky down, this moment represents a watershed of content marketing. 8 million viewers watch online live "Red Bull stratosphere, Red Bull announces to the world" brand from the media age began.
Looking to 2013, not just for consumer-oriented brand is the leader of content marketing. Other enterprise and B2B brands also invested millions of dollars to actively carry out content marketing activities, to shape and mold the image of the leader to maintain the reputation of the network, the information conveyed to consumers and participate in interactive. 2013, marketers will expand to break with innovative content marketing strategy. Here we must be forward-looking elements:

1  Combat has come

If 2012 just before content marketing training, then 2013 is a real game. In the past year, many marketers aware of the need to accelerate the pace of content marketing. They are concerned that the growth of content marketing trend, realize that this is the marketing leverage they need to use, but do not know how to operate. Combat has begun, marketers are increasingly faced with the pressure of import traffic through content marketing, conversion, sales. With accurate data and powerful analytical, marketing people must prove that their pay has real business value.

2   Minisite即将消亡

Minisite no longer work. Social media and the development of new technologies allows users to lead their network behavior, which means they are more willing to visit the brand's Twitter page instead of the official website home. Marketing people need to think creatively about how to get other information outside the company's own platform for the dissemination of exports. Search engine marketing expert Li Evans once said: "not winning, but winning content optimization. Marketing staff to accurately perceive their consumers where the use of relevant content to consumers pull back the enterprise on its own platform, the activation and proliferation of consumer-created content.

3    large-scale winning

In 2013, marketers need to understand how to scale and maintain their content marketing efforts, technology is the solution. Hire an intern published a week the three insignificant posts do not work anymore, even hired an entire team of writers on the Internet is not enough. Scale means for various target groups to provide customized content, push rich content for their sustained attention.

4    do not quite finished at

In order to achieve the target of large-scale, marketing staff to fully guarantee their pay on the content marketing. You create and publish content needs to reach all the goals from the international to the local market. "We have been in the" cultural marketing people to invest adequate resources and sufficient time to careful planning content strategy.

Form than content

B2B is a synonym for conservative and utilitarian, but that does not mean that B2B companies can sacrifice their user experience. Subtly embedded platform for innovation and design of consumer expectations appear anywhere they can see. Design innovation should not be limited to consumer-oriented brand or new media agency.

Copyright lot of problems

The copyright laws around the digital content is a gray area. While marketers have accumulated Gallery of purchase or obtain permission to use the photo experience, but content publishing is still a new field.Although many marketers have yet to understand the changing copyright issues, however, the proliferation of content marketing requirements they must be wise as soon as possible. With the income of the paper media is the constant pressure, the media are quick to adapt to new changes. They are concerned about the content of plagiarism or shared what it means.Therefore, to catch up with the pace of the media rivals, marketers have a better life.

7    Brand Manufacturing News

"Brand-generated content" trends mean that brand owners need to think like like the news media.Speed ​​means everything. Twitter all over the news of a business, then this is the only enterprise can and must have these news content. The moment consumers are most concerned about what?How brands can convey these to them? Brand no longer need to rely on public relations firms and the media to make the news, they can make the news. Red Bull is the classic success stories, 8 million viewers watched the live broadcast of the "Red Bull stratosphere. Outside the conventional brands need to create a meeting point between the content, the audience and the hot events.

8    social content will become a new form of advertising

We can see the demise of the banner ads on almost all of the mainstream blog. How to do? The new form of advertising has emerged as a leading center like Flite advertising, content . Once the content is the core of every campaign, the brand can drive customer engagement, conversion and sales.The technology will enable large-scale.

9    native ads start growth

Native ads will be the highlight of the next, the promise many site owners are not yet to figure out how to scale. However, this situation is bound to change. We need to begin to focus on native advertising platform that allows brand owners to purchase or sell soft. Social sharing and interaction is likely a measure of the effect of such advertising . This advertising platform will be the 2013 Native advertising scale and key to sustainable development.
Note: Native advertising the (Native advertising) that "the design of a special form of a medium to allow advertisers to become part of the content.

10 brand and the media will be better cooperation

With the gradual melting of the brand and media boundaries in the traditional sense, we will see a new model of cooperation between the two, such cooperation will bring more opportunities than the native advertising, innovation, change, profitable way to stimulate the participation of the audience . Microsoft with Condé Nast News Corporation online and offline with case widely acclaimed.The key factor in this partnership is to stand out from the sea of content and greater exposure.
The emergence of a new marketing will make some changes take place, and sincerely hope that the content marketing can really narrow the distance between the brand and consumers, so that information really communicated to the hands of the people in need.


Coca-Cola: Forced Smile camera

"Happy" is the main theme of the Coca-Cola global advocacy in recent years, Coca-Cola launched the "Happy ID project in Peru, to encourage a lot of people smile. The Coca-Cola Company has invested in Peru 30 street miniature photo booth, it can quickly shot for people with a variety of documents, photos, but with ordinary apparatus, the only difference is that only when it captured people mouth up, will start. , Peru has global happiness index ranking has fallen off in such a way, Coca-Cola tried to encourage the people of Peru passed a happy mood with a smile. "Happy ID" campaign will include a series of television, radio, public relations, graphic, online marketing campaigns, local celebrities will also participate as happy ambassadorship.


Dove sociological experiment

In fact, you than you think in the United States. How to prove this point? Dove determination and received FBI Gifted criminals portrait artist Gil Zamora, a sociological experiment. The campaign by Ogilvy Brazil operation, Gil Zamora responsible for portrait drawing. First of all, completely invisible to each other isolated, Gil description of their facial features and appearance according to the five women for their portrait. , Gil for the same five women completed a portrait, but the second picture like seen them strangers from that day description. Interestingly, women with their own description and view completely different in the eyes of strangers. In this contrast, Dove discovered the beauty of women "concept to sell out.

Shi marketing ": the Giants game again visit the New York Times Square

Giant CEO Shi Yuzhu Niece of the Xian Xia world conference on April 9 announced retirement, the sixth day of its announced his retirement, "Xian Xia world" Cock wire Diao, SI - Made in China " advertising screen in New York Times Square, which is following the "journey 2S", "Allods Online" after the Giants game third appearance in the other side of the ocean. As for the advertising costs of specific figures, the giant network did not disclose the investment amount, in accordance with the public information display, the New York Times Square high-quality advertising spaces month's rent 300000-400000 U.S. dollars.


cic launches information graph about social media

Social media in China is developing rapidly, and in 2012, the rise of emerging social enterprise social networking, social commerce, pictures social media platform, the emergence of mobile social change the pattern of traditional social networks, become a force to be reckoned force.Summary of the development of Chinese social media in the past year, CIC Chinese social media landscape 2013 officially launched.
2013 pattern map, divided in categories still continues the 2012 pattern ideas, China's social media platform is divided into "core network", "value-added derivative network" basis function network "and" emerging / fine sub-network "four major categories. This classification is mainly based on the functional dependency between the social media platform of the forms of maturity and platforms.