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Humorous monkey picture gallery

1.Comical photo of a monkey. Monkey's eyes are bigger than your stomach. 2 apples in the mouth, in the right hand 3, 4 in the left hand and one foot.

2.Rodeo with a brave little monkey riding a wild bull

3.Cute orangutan hanging from a branch with a blue jean overalls

4.Image comic monkeys learning to school the theory of evolution. Warning that the evolution between men and apes is not reversed and the major primate hair does not take place in our healthy society "Planet of the Apes

5.Morons who pull the skin of a monkey to make him make faces

6.Photo of a small monkey with glasses and a ridiculous costume that you have learned to ride a bike


The pillars of SEO in 2013

The first and most essential is the research and analysis of keywords that focus almost all your digital marketing. These words will be used to search for content that can help you create your own, to write your posts, and even to make good content for social networks and find interer hash-tags both Twitter and Facebook and Google+.
And how to do that first and decisive keywords search? In our first info-graphic are the five steps, namely:
  • - Identifying your landing page (or Welcome Page)
  • - Looking for words related to certain topics
  • - Using keywords from Google tool for the popularity of each of the selected keywords
  • - Making an analysis of competition and, finally, ending the test again using Google tool to remove the words with little traffic.

1. Info-graphic How to entire keyword search
After this search, where you use these keywords? Find out in the following graphics, where you'll also discover how to proactively search links (representing 21% of the positioning of your website). Click on the following link to access the info-graphic:
2. The 5 pillars of SEO 
The last day info-graphic gives us the latest updates from Penguin and the latest trends in SEO, perhaps, for more experienced users in web positioning. Keep an eye on the info-graphic on the following link:
3. The latest trends in SEO 
If you're a Social With It in social networks, you already know my position regarding SEO. If not, here also share one last thought to start a debate: For me your web positioning depends almost exclusively today that you elaborate content for your website. The more original, better written and contain more information relevant to your industry, your site will be better positioned.Keywords?? Meta descriptions?? Yes, too. But it's not SEO specific, but the writing itself and much of common sense. Is not any text would start with the most important, knowing that readers lose interest after the first few seconds of reading?


Maldives held a cabinet meeting underwater, just like tourism advertising

In the movie "My Life as McDull", the McDull obsession Maldives, "where the blue sky, coconut trees, clear water and white sand, is located in the Indian Ocean paradise ......" tears reading McDull story, and then wanted to have the opportunity to go to a trip to the Maldives, to help complete the dream McDull. Later, of course, they began to suspect that the Maldives is not for the sponsorship fee.

Today, global warming, melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, the Maldives, the island nation is slowly shoreline retreat in recent years, although not as overwhelmed in recent decades, but the Maldivian government claims, has begun to prepare for the relocation of a whole nation.

In order to raise awareness of environmental protection consensus, the 17th in the Maldives held a cabinet meeting underwater. President and members of the Cabinet sitting underwater wetsuit adults, accompanied by crowds in the coral reefs of colorful tropical fish.

Nationwide Relocation is a gimmick, but also the underwater cabinet meeting, if that is the Maldives tourism advertising ah.


The story of the little monkey

One little monkeys belly belly was gashed the tree a lot of blood

It saw a monkey friend opens the wound hurts said you see my wound

Every monkey see it wound comfort it sympathy it tell it to different treatments

It will continue to look at the wound to continue listening to her friends

Infection it later died an old monkey said it is hurt themselves and die

Yes if it wrapped belly belly hurt from the start not to give others see the wound

The wound will heal slowly there will be no story later

In fact, in the eyes of my friends is sympathize with you, after all they give you some comfort to some advice

Is there really no but real help

But in the eyes of a stranger who let you tore heart crack lung's story but a scene is to give them free

Pain said once, review time will only more impressive more love more unforgettable

Why? Why

A life but for decades

Heard someone say happy things will be very happy

And tell sad stories to let the listener sadness together

Why? Why

From now on to pick up those we lost the good life is have suantiankula only then to be perfect to be a happy person


Funny Monkey in Shanghai

Funny Monkey 

Yesterday afternoon,I saw a monkey in Shanghai. There are two monkeys. They are very funny. And that make me thought of a video from another city in China. It is also about monkey that in the street.

What do you think about it?

I think it is funny but feel sad.
I don't understand, this man is a sacred to make a living, but in the show, not a person to touch the pocket. But then again, in this ordinary the neighborhood near the road to busk, probably no one give money. I think this is a kind of endless sad!

It is no gain at the expense of the animal dignity street people shallow one of Babbitt, and the monkeys are playing by the macaques, is a national level 2 protected animal, this is in violation of the law on the protection of wild animals.

Photos: Funny Monkey 

I found some pictures about monkey in Shanghai zoo. They are beauty.


A comparable four cans: clear cool push PK JDB comparative advertising

If comparative advertising abroad mainly in the field of electronic technology, then the big domestic comparative advertising must be herbal tea category. Recently, herbal drinks clear cool launched a series of advertisements directed at JDB.

Previously, due to Joey's endorsement effect, many consumers recognize the clear cool. However, with the reduction in advertising, sales volume also will decline. For clear cool, the lack of actuating the reasons consumers continue to buy. Cool clear why consumers should buy, rather than JDB?

 Research shows that efficacy is affecting consumer buying herbal tea the most important factor, for E-link network linking Taiping proposed the idea of a direct comparison function to launch "a bottle top four cans" campaign.

 First, clear cool launched the "Five herbal evaluation" TVC, attract consumer attention, "What are you drinking sugar water or herbal tea." Subsequently, in the bus, bus shelters, the main drift of media print ads, so that consumers understand the effectiveness of clean cool stronger, to attract consumers spontaneous discussion.

 On this basis, clear cool homeopathic launch second wave "of fresh herbal tea chapter" TVC (below), so that consumers better understand the effect of clear cool reason to further deepen the trust of consumers and expand influence.



European tourism to drive high-end consumer, please alert fake

European tourism to drive high-end consumer, please alert fake  

In recent years, will travel to Europe on holiday more and more Chinese tourists, according to Sina news reports, Miss Gao spent 30 million to buy five bags, and after returning to the inspection counter that actually have four just false, another explosion It took out a clear sweep goods 700,000 in Europe, and finally found the three bags 400000 A cargo. Please rushed Europe is preparing to sweep away the luxury of people Please note the time of purchase, please be sure to go to the flagship store or counter purchase at discount stores is a certain risk.

 To some extent, contributed to the popularity of European tourism A cargo trading, but some unscrupulous domestic tours, deliberate collusion with fake businesses. Therefore selected a high-quality high-end travel agency is very important. High-end tourism is also popular in recent years as a way to travel, you do not need to follow the package tours to go travel, you can personally develop their own itinerary and specifications, to be completely impartial.